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What would you do with $540 million?
What would you do with $540 million?

If somebody won the all-time record Mega Millions jackpot, they’d walk away with $540 million, not including taxes. The cash option is $389 million. Curious minds wonder how many work places have started up their own underground office pools. If one colleague wins, they’d all share the wealth fair and square.

Imagine the sunny beaches you could spend the rest of your life at, frolicking through the warm ocean waves. If that’s not your cup of tea, imagine a life of remote solitude enjoying land as far as the eye can see because you own it. Not a neighbor in sight. If you had a wild hair, you could share it with your favorite non-profit, supporting a worthy cause.

We asked readers on Facebook what they would do with $540 million. Here’s a few of their answers:

  • Laura Ast would buy a car, pay off bills, help her kids, give a little cash to her parents and of course buy new towels for the bathroom.
  • Seth Carey would buy lots of cats. When he says lots of cats, he means more than one hundred. That’s a lot of cats. We hope he understands what he’s getting himself into.
  • Scott Byrnes would put his kids through college and open a hot rod shop. He’d also build a really cool house that looks like a castle.
  • Ricky Orth would give half of it to WSU Athletics. Go Cougs.
  • Tim Gump would take care of his family and donate some of the winnings to charity. He’d retire to a life of fishing every single day for the rest of his life. That means he could nail a sign to his door that says: “Gone fishing. Forever.”
  • Janice Martin would be a full-time mom.
  • Gina Johnson would donate to Sally’s House so they can stay open. The Salvation Army runs the home where children go after they’re removed from dangerous homes due to drug busts and violent crimes. It’s there the children wait for a foster home.
  • Stephanie Heitner wouldn’t spend the money because she thinks she’d die from a heart attack for winning.

What would you do with $540 million? The next drawing is Friday, March 30th.


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