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Nudist Communities Attempt to Break Skinny Dip Record | Events

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Nudist Communities Attempt to Break Skinny Dip Record
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Nudist Communities Attempt to Break Skinny Dip Record

In a region surrounded by lakes and rivers, late night skinny dipping is as much a part of summer as lemonade and watermelon. This year, area nudist resorts and clubs are inviting the extended community to join them as they try to break a record for the most people skinny dipping at one time.

The World Record Skinny Dip Across America event is sponsored by the American Association for Nude Recreation and The Nudist Society and is an attempt to break the AANR's previous record. In 2008, the AANR organized the largest skinny dipping event across the nation and became the official holder of the Guinness World Record.

This year's attempt to beat the 13,674 participants from the last event is not an official Guinness sanctioned event, but rather a chance for the AANR to set a personal best. Groups across the country will be jumping in the water naked, but for local nudists it is a chance to tell the community what they are all about.

“Any place you go, people have the facade of what you wear,” explains Dave Smith, the Vice President of AANR-Northwest Region.

For Smith, nudity is “the great equalizer”. At local nudist resorts, Kaniksu Ranch and Sun Meadow, people of all walks of life are brought together. Events like the World Record Skinny Dip aim to open up the nudist world and show people that it's all about acceptance.

“Everybody is equal—it's very much an issue of body acceptance,” says Smith. In the nudist community it doesn't matter what size you are, or how many wrinkles you have, everyone is accepted and encouraged to just be themselves.

“People come and very quickly feel comfortable,” says Smith and he ensures that the skinny dipping event will an easy introduction for new comers. “We are very non-nudist friendly.”

Those who go to Kaniksu Ranch, just north of Deer Lake in Washington, and Sun Meadow Resort, just five miles from the Coeur d'Alene Casino near Worley in Idaho, will be encouraged to join the skinny dipping fun in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

However, to count in the official numbers you will have to bare it all once in the water. Smith says that those who aren't quite sure if they are ready to be fully exposed in front of others can take off their suits once they hit the pool. The skinny dip will last long enough for an official photographer to take a group shot, no other photos are allowed.

After the dip, attendees are encouraged to spent the afternoon at the resorts and get acquainted with the local nudist community by hiking, swimming, or playing a round of bocce or pickle ball.

World Record Skinny Dip Across America

  • Saturday, July 13th, 1pm
  • Registration begins at noon
  • Kaniksu Ranch, 4295 N. Deer Lake Rd, Loon Lane, WA
  • Sun Meadow Resort, 30400 S. Sunray Trail, Worley, ID
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