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Sheriff's Office Searching For Dog Pack Behind Attacks | Crime

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Sheriff's Office Searching For Dog Pack Behind Attacks
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Residents in the Deer Park area are extremely concerned about a violent pack of wild dogs roaming through the area that have killed and maimed several goats and other animals.

The Stevens County Sheriff's Office is investigating multiple reports over the last several days regarding domestic animal attacks allegedly perpetrated by a pack of wild dogs.

The attacks are reportedly happening in the Bittrich Antler, Scotts Valley Road and Casberg Burroughs Road areas as well as between the 6800 and 7200 block of Hwy 291 in Southern Stevens County.  

The sheriff's office has been unable to locate either the dogs or their owners. A game camera set up at one farm was able to get pictures of dogs during a previous attack, though its not believed the dogs they were able to get pictures of are the same dogs involved in the recent attacks.

The Stevens County Sheriff’s Office is asking for assistance in identifying the owners of the dogs that may be behind these attacks.

If anyone has information regarding the location of these dogs and their owner, please contact the Stevens County Sheriff’s Office at (509) 684-2555 or 1-800-572-0947.

Crime, News

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